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1. Job losses. It will take years to recapture the 900,000 jobs lost since the state peak in 2007.

2. 2.7 Million people in Florida live below the poverty level including 850,000 children, an increase of 500,000 in two years.

3. $20.8 billion in business services are excluded from Florida sales taxes. In addition there are 244 items that are excluded from state sates tax. This is equal to $10.3 billion.

4. Cuts in education which are equal to $700 per pupil.

5. One in five citizens lack health insurance.

6. A plan to stack the Florida Supreme court with Republicans in advance of redistricting.

7. Deregulation of 20 professions eliminating consumer protection in those fields and allowing the possibility of misrepresentation and consumer fraud.

8. Privitization allowing the takeover of government agencies by uncontrolled private companies. Also, this would cost more, not less.


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